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The Forge (mini-edition)

Josemaria Escriva

Price: $9.95 (eBook $5.95)
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ISBN: 9780933932562

Item ID: 94125

Publisher: Scepter

Size: 3 X 5

Number of Pages: 446

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The Forge is the third collection of St. Josemaría’s refreshingly brief but profoundly weighty reflections and meditations on how to live the Christian life to its absolute fullest. Like The Way and Furrow, it gives you practical and pointed material for meditation that will help you take your spiritual responsibilities more seriously and move ever closer to the all-consuming forge of God’s love. St. Josemaría wrote these 1,055 aphorisms, observations, and exhortations in order to enkindle within you a desire for holiness and apostolate.

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Reviewed by Steven R. McEvoy on 06/23/2006

This is one of three great little books by Josemaria Escriva’s The Way, Furrow and The Forge. Each of these three volumes are collections of thoughts, pense’s musings and meditations. They can be read from beginning to end or randomly opened and read just as you find them. Some of the reflections will require more thought and work then others. Some examples that particularly grabbed my attention are:

“Each day be conscious of your duty to e a saint. A saint! And that doesn’t mean doing strange things. It means a daily struggle in the interior life and in heroically fulfilling your duty right through to the end.”

“Make an effort to respond at each moment to what God is asking of you: have the will to love him with deeds. They may be little deeds, but do not leave any out.”

“To die is a good thing. How can anyone with faith be, at the same time, afraid to die? But as long as the Lord wants to keep you here on earth, it would be cowardice for you to want to die. You must live, live and suffer and work for Love: that is your task.”

Each of these three little books will help you grow deeper in the Christian life. They will challenge you every time you pick them up and read. I have gotten to the point that I always carry one of them with me, and while waiting for a ride, or before class, or in any spare moment open it and read, and through that reading I pray. Through that prayer I hope to become a better Christian and a better person.

Reviewed by on 06/12/2003

No Apostolate should be without this book! It is a pocket sized treasure that I carry with me wherever I go. It is daily reading, it is blunt, it blesses, it nourishes, it admonishes, in encourages, it creates drive and Love of God. If you serve God get this book!