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Dora del Hoyo: A Lighted Lamp

Dora del Hoyo: A Lighted Lamp

Javier Medina

Dora del Hoyo was Opus Dei's first Assistant Numerary when she asked to be admitted in 1946. Later that year she moved to Rome. With her hidden work and robust self-giving, she was of inestimable help to St. MORE

Price: $ 12.95

Like Salt and Like Light

Like Salt and Like Light

Alvaro del Portillo

Alvaro del Portillo was the head of Opus Dei for almost twenty years, from 1975 to 1994. In that period he gave numerous homilies and addresses, he wrote 176 pastoral letters, and had hundreds of conversations with thousands of people in Rome and on his pastoral journeys across the globe. MORE

Price: $ 9.95