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Big Hearted: Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families

Patti Armstrong & Theresa Thomas

Price: $12.95 (eBook $9.95)
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ISBN: 9781594171901

Item ID: 71901

Publisher: Scepter

Size: 5.5 X 8.5

Number of Pages: 140

Product Type: Paperback   Quantity:

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Big Hearted gives you an inside look into the triumphs, struggles, joys and sorrows of ordinary families with generous hearts. It invites you to witness extraordinary love in ordinary moments like the simple cooking of a meal or the hug between a teenaged brother and his baby sister. Just like your family, these families experience pain, setbacks, and challenges. And just like your family, they also experience love and immeasurable blessing through their commitment and care for each other.

In this book, you will learn the story of:

A father of seven healthy boys who struggled to love his Down syndrome baby girl

A mother of twelve who learned an important lesson about Christmas from her children

A special relationship between a teenaged brother and his infant sister

Two grandparents in their final days who inspired their grandchildren in simple ways

Two orphan children from Kenya who prayed for adoption by an American family and got what they asked for!

It has been said that God cannot be outdone in generosity. The stories in these pages will show you how big hearted families experience this truth in a myriad of ways, sometimes miraculously.

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Reviewed by Theresa Smith on 08/11/2014

"Big Hearted - Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families" was truly a joy to read. I plan to share it in my work as Director of Adult Faith Formation and Family Life Ministries at my parish. The families shared their faith, joys, sorrows, and blessings in their stories. It is a book that the busiest of parents can read to relax and be encouraged in their vocations. The sacrificial love of these mothers and fathers demonstrate the peace that comes from families faithful to Christ and His Church. I highly recommend this work for all who love and cherish the gifts of life, love and faith.

Reviewed by Shannon M. Deitz on 05/24/2013

Big Hearted is an honest and sincere portrayal of families going through some of their most difficult moments.
A mother faced with her addiction to alcohol after passing out at her daughter's event, a father grappling with his son's terminal illness and parents passed the age of child-bearing accepting and grieving the blessing of life.
These stories are our stories. The telling of how through struggle, perseverance and with hope the vocation of family remains intact with the Big Hearted love of God.