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My Angel Will Go Before You

Georges Huber

Price: $9.95
Availability: 59 Copies in Stock
ISBN: 9780906127742

Item ID: 95016

Publisher: Scepter

Size: 5.5 X 8.5

Number of Pages: 128

Product Type: Paperback   Quantity:


Do angels exist? Are they not just a pious fiction invented to please children like Santa Claus? In this era of high technology does it make sense to seek the help of the guardian angels? "This book on angels is not a theoretical treatise; it answers questions people are asking and does so in a very practical way" L'Osservatore Romano.

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Reviewed by josefa sevilla on 11/06/2011

I have read the book three times and it is absolutely good. i highly recommend it to anyone who thinks angels don't exist. they do, not that i ever doubted it but now i appreciate what they are and what they do for me more than ever.