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RSV Catholic Bible, Large Print Edition Indexed


Price: $49.95
Availability: 232 Copies in Stock
ISBN: 9781594170768

Item ID: 10180

Publisher: Scepter

Size: 6.75 X 9.5

Number of Pages: 2450

Product Type: Leather   Quantity:


The RSVCE is considered by sound Biblical scholars to be the best English rendering of Holy Scripture. This Large Print edition is the perfect option for those with impaired vision or for reading from a lectern. It features large, clear type and additional materials of interest to all readers.

The RSV Catholic Edition remains the translation used in official Church pronouncements and has served as the basis for the scriptural text used in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

- Extra large, 13.5-point type, one of the largest type sizes available in a Bible today.
- A section of Prayers and Devotions of the Catholic Church that will be familiar to all Catholics.
- A 16-page section of maps
- An 8-page Presentation and Family History Section
- Leather Bound with Ribbon Marker and Deluxe Gift Box
- Thumb indexes

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Reviewed by Jack on 09/28/2015

Great bible,I readit every eyes are failing the giant print is a blessing

Reviewed by Laura Melton on 06/29/2014

I have been anxiously awaiting the reprinting of this Bible.

As a convert to Catholicism, I prefer the more familiar language used in the RSV-CE to the wording in the New American Bible.

Presently all I have is an e-bible. It's just not the same!

Please,start the presses!!

Response: It is now back in print! :)

Reviewed by Pete on 02/19/2010

This is a nicely done, EASY TO READ, edition of the RSV-CE. The only problems are the weight, which is prodigious, and the micro-thin pages which are a bit hard to turn when new. Other than that - THUMBS UP!

Reviewed by norm price on 11/14/2009

I truly believe that a reason some people do not stay (or 'stick') with regular Bible reading and/or study is that the difficulty in reading the Holy Word is not the difficulty of the text but the DIFFICULTY of reading the text. In most bought(and especially given) Bibles is the closeness of the text in conjunction with the size of the text will dampen the spirit of any one. Usually it is out with the reading glasses and on with headache . Here is the chance for anyone who can relate to this, to have a truly wonderful experience of that when you first open your new LARGE PRINT Bible and begin to read, it worth the wait for it is a very 'hands on' experience of 'clearly' seeing the Word of God in the comfort of your home.