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The Navarre Bible - New Testament Compact Edition

Navarre University

Price: $44.95
Availability: 97 Copies in Stock
ISBN: 9781889334592

Item ID: 10134

Publisher: Scepter

Size: 6 X 9

Number of Pages: 730

Product Type: Hardback   Quantity:


The entire New Testament of the Navarre Bible is now available in one hardback volume at an attractive price. This new compact 756 page edition is less than a third of the size of the original 12 volume set, and offers a freshly-edited commentary drawn from a greater variety of sources as compared with the original Navarre commentaries. These include early Christian authors, Eastern and Western fathers of the Church, Vatican II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as prominent spiritual writers, which help to explain the text and its application to daily life. This New Testament includes the full English text of the Revised Standard Version (RSV) Catholic Edition, and all the RSV notes. The Latin text has been omitted in this edition.

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Reviewed by Susan on 12/02/2008

As an ordinary christian, reading the Gospel everyday provides the essential food for my spiritual life to keep me going thru thick and thin that we go though life, and the commentaries provided on this GREAT WORK OF LOVE - THE NAVARRE BIBLE surely gives us the much needed help and guide to understand better the message that Our Lord is trying to tell us to put His Word into practice.