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The Navarre Bible - Revelation

Navarre University

Price: $14.95
Availability: 344 Copies in Stock
ISBN: 9781851829118

Item ID: 94198

Publisher: Scepter

Size: 6 X 8.5

Number of Pages: 153

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Part of a 12 volume set of the New Testament with extensive explanations of the meaning of the scriptural text and its implications for everyday life. The commentaries draw on a rich variety of sources - Church documents, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the work of prominent spiritual writers, particularly Saint Josemaria Escriva, who initiated the Navarre Bible project. The commentary appears on the same page as the Bible text, which is the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition. Each volume is self-contained with extensive introductions and notes to Old Testament prophecies. The Navarre Bible commentary is considered by many to be the best Catholic commentary on the Bible available today.

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Reviewed by Jonathan on 12/11/2012

This is a wonderful resource! I used to find Revelation intimidating and its symbolism incomprehensible. The Navarre has made it eminently approachable and understandable.