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Quantity AvailableQuantity Required
71727A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation$14.95111
71826A Grace Given: A Father's Love for a Dying Child$14.9517
71536A Man Who Knew How to Forgive$9.95465
71680A Portrait of Courage$14.95188
10195About Being a Priest (2nd Edition)$9.9564
94090About The Holy Spirit$8.95284
29024Alvaro del Portillo: The Power of Humility$4.99Over 500
23091Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and Architecture$29.9570
23114Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Music$29.95368
23718Benedict XVI and the Roman Missal$23.95325
23107Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy$19.9556
71833Beyond Good Intentions: The Art of Christian Living$11.95431
71901Big Hearted: Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families$12.95Over 500
10189Called to Life$9.95Over 500
71819Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty$39.99387
71697Changing the World - The Timeliness of Opus Dei$9.95394
94106Character Building$12.95200
98005Children of God$9.9543
94109Christ is Passing By$9.95Over 500
70881Cloud of Witnesses - Dead People I Knew When They Were Alive$9.9584
10313Compass: A Handbook on Parent Leadership$11.95419
10177Conversations with Saint Josemaria Escriva$9.95330
72175Created for Greatness: The Power of Magnanimity$9.95Over 500
10315Creation Theology$24.9533
71529Daily Roman Missal, 7th Ed., Black$62.95475
71512Daily Roman Missal, 7th Ed., Burgundy$62.95206
10607Dialogue Concerning Heresies$19.95229
96051Difficulties In Mental Prayer$9.95318
38984Dora del Hoyo: A Lighted Lamp$12.95245
10181Dream and Your Dreams Will Fall Short$12.9510
71963Encountering Christ: Homilies, Letters, and Addresses of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio$13.95256
72076Everyday Holiness: The Life of Father Joseph Muzquiz$19.95193
10424Father, The Family Protector$11.95Over 500
71642Footprints in the Snow: A Pictorial Biography of St. Josemaria Escriva$12.95Over 500
71635For All Seasons - Selected Letters of Thomas More$17.95198
99011Frequent Confession$9.95Over 500
94122Friends of God$9.95Over 500
94130Furrow (mini-edition)$9.95Over 500
38755Furrow - Pocket Edition$9.95153
10182Glimpses of the Church Fathers$11.9579
71918Good, Better, Best! Fostering Good Work Habits in Children$11.95Over 500
10187Grain of Wheat$11.95169
94132Guidebook for Confession (5-pack)$9.75226
94134Guidebook for Confession for Children$3.95Over 500
70911Guidebook for Confessors$11.9533
94188Handbook of Prayers, 7th Edition$13.95Over 500
94142Holy Rosary (With Luminous Mysteries)$2.99Over 500
10409How to Profit from Your Faults$9.95394
94151In Conversation with God - Full Set with Slipcase (10% off!)$129.65110
94143In Conversation With God: Volume 1, Advent and Christmastide$17.95Over 500
94144In Conversation With God: Volume 2, Lent and Eastertide$18.95Over 500
94145In Conversation With God: Volume 3, Weeks 1-12$18.95Over 500
94146In Conversation With God: Volume 4, Weeks 13-23$18.95Over 500
94147In Conversation With God: Volume 5, Weeks 24-34$18.95Over 500
94148In Conversation With God: Volume 6, Feasts, January - June.$17.95Over 500
94149In Conversation With God: Volume 7, Feasts, July - December$17.95Over 500
10178In Love with the Church$9.95356
96033In Silence With God$9.95282
10157In the School of the Holy Spirit$9.95Over 500
10156Interior Freedom$9.95Over 500
71413It's So You!$14.95Over 500
94203Jacques Philippe Set (15% off!)$69.95Over 500
94156Jesus as Friend$9.95234
10414Joseph of Nazareth$11.95238
10101Joseph The Silent$9.9596
38991Journey with Jesus$24.95476
10194Junia, Marcus, Grain of Wheat Set (10% off!)$30.85497
10604Loving The Holy Mass$2.99466
94171Marriage: A Path To Sanctity$9.95243
99034Mary of Nazareth$9.95193
10606Mary, Mother of the Redeemer$29.958
10337Mary, the Mother of Jesus$11.95160
10609Meeting Saint Josemaria Escriva DVD$24.9581
95016My Angel Will Go Before You$9.95119
96034Mystical Rose$9.9573
10339No Longer a Stray$10.95Over 500
10311Opus Dei in the Church$11.95121
71437Overcoming Lukewarmness: Healing Your Soul's Sadness$9.95248
10304Passionately Loving the World (3-Pack)$5.85112
70850Paths to God - Building a Christian Life in the 21st Century$9.95Over 500
10335Paul of Tarsus$14.95394
10506Peter the Apostle$11.9578
72021Pope Francis: Keys to His Thought$10.95Over 500
10117Preparing for Adolescence$3.9937
10197Putting Down Roots: Fr. Joseph Muzquiz and the Growth of Opus Dei$9.95Over 500
71451Remain in Me$9.957
10180RSV Catholic Bible, Large Print Edition Indexed$49.95Over 500
10303Rule of Our Warfare$9.95207
72144Saxum: The Life of Alvaro del Portillo$22.95Over 500
00162Scepter Catalog$0.0090
10186Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart$7.95Over 500
71895Self-Esteem Without Selfishness: Increasing Our Capacity for Love$14.95Over 500
10190Supremacy and Survival$12.95377
70935The Faith Applied$9.95338
94120The Faith Explained$9.95Over 500
72151The Faith Explained Today$16.95Over 500
94125The Forge (mini-edition)$9.95Over 500
10109The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume I PB$18.9581
10306The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume II HB$24.9597
10307The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume II PB$18.957
10411The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume III HB$24.95314
10412The Founder of Opus Dei, Volume III: The Divine Ways on Earth (Paperback)$18.95317
10207The Four Last Things$14.95292
10137The Friendship of Christ$9.9530
10179The Holy Spirit$9.95359
71093The Life of Pico$12.95100
71420The Man of Villa Tevere$14.95151
96020The Meaning of Grace$9.95292
10185The Meaning of Marriage: Family, State, Market, & Morals$14.95380
10422The Mystery of Jesus Christ$34.9514
94173The Navarre Bible - Acts of the Apostles$14.95396
94175The Navarre Bible - Captivity Letters$14.95128
94177The Navarre Bible - Catholic Letters$14.95333
10305The Navarre Bible - Chronicles to Maccabees$44.95291
94179The Navarre Bible - Corinthians$14.95221
22070The Navarre Bible - Exodus$14.9557
22063The Navarre Bible - Genesis$14.95167
10103The Navarre Bible - Gospels and Acts$44.95375
94184The Navarre Bible - Hebrews$14.95136
10203The Navarre Bible - Joshua To Kings$44.95270
10505The Navarre Bible - Letters of St. Paul$44.95162
10501The Navarre Bible - Major Prophets$44.95380
10502The Navarre Bible - Minor Prophets$39.95322
10193The Navarre Bible - New Testament HB Set (15% off!)$134.85461
10173The Navarre Bible - NT Expanded Edition$79.95276
99027The Navarre Bible - Pentateuch$44.95407
10314The Navarre Bible - Psalms & Song of Solomon$44.95495
94198The Navarre Bible - Revelation$14.95318
10602The Navarre Bible - Revelation and Hebrews and Catholic Letters$44.95187
94200The Navarre Bible - Romans & Galatians$14.95208
94190The Navarre Bible - St. John$14.95370
94192The Navarre Bible - St. Luke$14.95249
94194The Navarre Bible - St. Mark$14.95255
94196The Navarre Bible - St. Matthew$14.95384
94205The Navarre Bible - Thessalonians$14.95141
10406The Navarre Bible - Wisdom$44.95400
94202The Navarre Bible 12-Volume Set (15% off!)$179.40Over 500
10164The Navarre Old Testament 7-Volume Set$274.65Over 500
94204The New Testament (Confraterntiy Pocket Edition)$10.95Over 500
10168The Risen Christ$7.95135
10340The Sacred Passion$14.95292
94169The Sadness of Christ$9.9559
10312The Sanctification of Work$11.9588
70904The Virtues of Holiness: The Basics of Spiritual Struggle$9.95208
94247The Way (mini paperback)$9.95Over 500
38663The Way - Pocket Edition$9.95283
94244The Way of the Cross$9.95418
71659The Way of Trust and Love$9.95Over 500
94265The Way, Furrow, The Forge - One Volume$17.95Over 500
38731The Way: Critical-Historical Edition$44.9555
10199The Work of Children: Helping Children Understand the Meaning, Purpose, and Value of Work$9.95398
84852There Be Dragons DVD$22.9928
72083Thirsting for Prayer$12.95Over 500
10198Thomas More: A Lonely Voice Against the Power of the State$12.95418
96009Three To Get Married$9.95106
71666Through Wind and Waves: On Being a Spiritual Guide$12.95354
10174Time For God$9.95Over 500
71628To Be a Man: Life Lessons for Young Men$9.95359
10209Uncommon Faith$14.95409
96052Understanding the Mass$11.95143
72045Virtuous Leadership (2nd Edition)$13.95Over 500
72182Visions of Purgatory: A Private Revelation$12.95Over 500
71734Why John Is Different: Unique Insights in the Gospel and Writings of St. John$14.95Over 500
10196Why Priests? Answers Guided by the Teaching of Benedict XVI$14.9564
99036Why We Need Confession$9.95219
10200Writing The Way""$9.95Over 500
71840You Can Pray! Meditations for Teens$3.95Over 500
71888You See Me, You Hear Me: A Short Guide to Prayer for Young Adults$5.99Over 500